Solved precis paper of 2021

Question no 2:

Write a precis of the following and suggest a suitable title:

Nizar Hassan was born in 1960 and raised in the village of  Mashhad, near Nazareth, where he has lived with his family. He studied anthropology at Haifa University and after graduating worked in TV. Starting in 1990, he turned to cinema. In 1994, he produced Independence, in which he pokes his Palestinian interlocutors about what they think of the bizarre Israeli notion of their "independence". They have stolen another people's homeland and call the act "independence"! Hassan dwells on that absurdity.

As the world's attention was captured by the news of Israel planning  to "annex" yet a bit more of Palestine and add it to what they have already stolen. I received an email from Nizar Hassan, the pre-eminent Palestinian  documentary filmmaker. He wrote to me about his latest film, My Grandfather's Path, and included a link to the director's cut. It was a  blessing. They say choose your enemies carefully for you would end up like them. The same goes for those opposing Zionist settler colonialists. If you are too incensed and angered by their daily dose of claptrap, the vulgarity of their armed robbery of Palestine, your would soon become like them and forget yourself and what beautiful ideas, ideals, and aspirations once animated your highest dreams. Never fall into that trap. For decades, aspects of from that trap. They have constantly reminded me what all our policies are about - a moment of poetic salvation from it all.

Nizar Hassan's new documentary is one such work - in a moment of dejection over Israel's encroachment on Palestine rights and the world's complicity, it has put Palestine in perspective. The film is mercifully long, beautifully paced and patient, a masterfully crafted work of art - a Palestine's epic ode to his homeland. A shorter version of My Grandfather's Path  has been broadcast on Al Jazeera Arabic  in three parts, but it must be seen in its entirety,in one go. It is a pilgrimage that must not be interrupted.


              Title: Works and contribution of Nizar Hassan

Nizar Hassan, a Palestinian filmmaker, produced two documentaries about Israeli occupation of his homeland. In the  documentary, "Independence," he brought out the irony in Israeli celebration of freedom after they  displaced the indigenous population. His second documentary, "My Grandfather's Path," is a long but excellent narrative that pays homage to the Palestinian's struggle. The epic highlights the needs for the oppressed not to become dehumanized like their oppressors. The avenues of film, art and literature can save the persecuted peoples form  destructive resentments.


Correct only five of the following :

  1. They were lieing in the sun (Lying )
  2. He will not come without he is asked. (Unless)
  3. John as well as Harry bear witness to it. (bears)
  4. The crew was now on board and they soon busied themselves with preparations to meet the coming storm. (were)
  5. Could I have ____ piece of please ? ( another)
  6. Is there a sport club nearby ?(sports)
  7. The coat is quite big. (large)
  8. It is only a short travel by rain. (Journey)


(a) Punctuate the following text, where necessary.

That familiarity produces neglect has been long observed the effect of all external objects however great or splendid ceases with their novelty the courtier stands without emotion in the royal presence the rustic tramples under his foot the beauties of the spring with little attention to their fragrance and the inhabitant of the coast darts his eye upon the immense diffusion of waters without awe wonder or terror

That familiarity produces neglect has been long observed. The effect of all external objects, however great or splendid, ceases with their novelty: the courtier stands without emotion in the royal presence; the rustic tramples under his foot the beauties of the spring, with little attention to their fragrance; and the inhabitant of the coast darts his eye upon the immense diffusion of waters, without awe, wonder, or terror.

(b) Re-write the following sentences (only five) after filling in the blanks with appropriate prepositions.

  1. The knavish wolf was able to convince the pig to let him into his home.
  2. I looked this word up in the dictionary, but I still don't understand it.
  3. I need to learn these verbs by heart by tomorrow.
  4. The morgue is redolent with the odor of deceased individuals.
  5. He is cogitating upon some means of revenge.
  6. He was reticent to do anything about the problem.
  7. His body is impervious to moisture.
  8. Ahmad applied to the bank for a loan.


Use any five of the pair of words in sentences clearly illustrating their meanings.

1.Gibe :

She made a gibe about how late i was.

1.Jibe :

His story did not jibe with the testimony of the witnesses.

2.Epigram :

Benjamin Franklin famous epigram "Remember time is money".


She was chosen this remark as the epigraph for new novel.

3.Brawl :

He had been in a drunken street brawl.

3.Bawl :

Babies crawl, and bawl, to finish line in japan race. (Dawn: 24-Nov-2015)

4.Crib :

Teddy was just out of crib, and my parents had let her crawl around to play with toys.

4.Crypt :

John knew how sensitive the crypt in the basement was.

5.Barmy :

It sounds barmy, but the weird thing is that it seems to work.

5.Balmy :

The balmy weather is to continue this week.

6.Peat :

We had to fetch peat for the fires from some distance.

6.Petite :

There is also the petite Indonesian goat. (Dawn: 01-july-2022)

7.Monogamous :

They have been in a monogamous relationship for many years.

7.Monogenous :

The inherited disorder of haemoglobin and sickle-cell anemia are far by the commonest monogenous diseases.

8.Postilion :

Four men surrounded him besides the postilion.

8.Posterior :

The man squeezed his large posterior into the chair.


Translate the following into English by keeping in view figurative/idiomatic expression.

Both Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and his distinguish as well as enlightened son Syed Mehmood treated the British as their equals and of equal stature. This is contrary to the subservient and obedient behavior - in line with pro-imperialist designs- promoted by the British Raj that had widespread following the sub-continent. The incident of Agra Durbar in 1867 was well known to the whole Indian nation, and not just the Muslim India. Syed Ahmed Khan had stayed away from the Court because the Indians had been given seats inferior to the British  officials. A medal was to be conferred upon Syed Ahmed Khan at the Durbar. Williams, Commissioner of Meerut, was later asked to present the medal to Syed Ahmed Khan at Aligarh railway station.

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