solved precis paper of 2020

Question no  2:

Write a precis of the following passage and also suggest a suitable title:

Manto was a victim of some kind of social ambivalence that converged on self-righteousness, hypocrisy, and mental obtuseness. His detractors branded him as vulgar and obscene and implicated him into a long-drawn legal battle questioning the moral validity of his writings. Without being deterred by their negative tactics, he remained firm in his commitment to exploring the stark realities of life offensive to the conservative taste of some self-styled purists. In the line of Freud, he sought to unravel the mysteries of sex not in an abstract, non-earthly manner but in a palpable, fleshy permutation signifying his deep concern for the socially disabled and depressed classes of society like pretty wage-earners, pimps and prostitutes.

For Manto man is neither an angel nor a devil, but a mix of both. His middle and lower middle class characters on some of the most vital socio-moral issues concerning them. As a realist, he was fully conscious of the yawning gap between appearances and reality; in fact, nothing vexed him more than a demonstrable duality in human behavior at different levels of the social hierarchy.

He had an unjaundiced view of man's faults and follies. As a literary artists, he treated vulgarity discreetly - without ever sounding vulgar in the process. Like James Joyee (Ulysses),  D.H Lawrence (Lady  Chatterley's Lover), and Erskine Caldwell (God's Little Acre), in Manto's work too, men and women of the age find their own restlessness accurately  mirrored. And like them, Manto was also 'raised above his own self by his sombre enthusiasm'.  


  Title: Manto's Writings Exposed Society's Contradictions

A victim of society's contradictions, Manto, questioned the self-righteous and hypocritical attitudes of so-called purists. And despite them calling his writings vulgar, he continued exposing the reality. Manto disclosed the dual standards of human behavior in an unbiased and unvulgar manner. His readers became a fan of his writings on socio-moral issues.

According to Manto, man is a mix of good and evil. His concern for the lower segments of society was evident. People could relate their restiveness to Manto's writings, and like other great writers, he became bigger than himself.


Correct any five of the following.

  1. I won _____ him in the race. (against)
  2. He said that I am playing chess. (was)
  3. Unless you do not try, you will never succeed (you try)
  4. He wrote with ink. (in)
  5. What country ______ he belongs to ? (which, does)
  6. When he reaches to manhood, he will visit to England. (adulthood)
  7. The new session commences from February 1st, 2020. (on)
  8. Please send this letter on my address. (to)


Use only five of the following in sentences which Illustrate their meaning.

  • To Break the ice :

He told a few jokes to break the ice.

  • Nip in the bud :

Many serious illness can be nip in the bud if they are detected early enough.

  • See eye to eye with : 

They saw eye to eye on almost every aspect of the production.

  • For good :

Suit yourself, but personally, I think it would be good for you to get out a little.

  • Tamper with :

Someone has been tampering with my mail.

  • The small hours :

It is quite unnecessary to sit until the small hours of the morning like this.

  • Keep up appearances :

Their marriage was over, but they wanted to keep up appearance

  • Prima facie :

There is prima facie evidence that he was involved in the fraud.

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