It is a movement to ensure environmental protection, through social, political      and scientific efforts.

a) Environmental Response:

After 20th century environment responded differently and this response was observed by the environmental scientists. They started research on it by questioning and find out that all this happened due to the industrial and agricultural revolutions.

b) Disasters:

In 1952, London smog incident reported more than 20,000 deaths in London. There was no cholera before industrial revolution. There was no typhoid before industrial revolution. Due to typhoid(20,000) deaths and cholera reported 6,000 deaths.

Asthma (NOx)

Bronchitis (SO2)

Lungs cancer (Heavy metals)

c) Media:

Media especially through print media European people started to know about Environmental response.

d) An Episode Environmental Lite:

In 1962, a literature was published on Environment named Silent spring(poetry on environment) and the author was Rachael Carson was the best seller book of 1962. More and more people get awareness through it.

 Un-safe at any speed was written by Ralph Nadel . It was also the best seller book of 1967.

e) Protest against environmental degradation:

Protests and campaigns ( need for social justice) were started. In Manchester, London people started agitations.

 Foreign minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on SCO summit raised voice about "We want environmental justice  

  •  Emergence of Green politics:

After 1967, It is a political ideology that aims to create ecological sustainable society rooted in environmentalism, social justice and grass root- democracy.

a) Already existing political parties (europe) came into the field for environmental manifesto elections. They told people give us vote so that we will make green ecology.

b) New Green political parties:

  •  Valuse party
  • Green peace party

These parties raise environmental voice at national level.

Non governmental organization:

In 1970s, Non government organization appeared as a social groups "Friends of Earth" NGO

USA EPA was also established.

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