10 May

A policy which is persuade by a state in it's future dealing with another state in order to secure it's national interest is called Foreign policy of State.

National Interest :

The immediate existential need for short term survival, mid term stability and long term sustainability is known as national interest.

a) Security 

b) Welfare 

c) Law and order

d) Justice 

e) Freedom

f) Ideology

  • There are two situation in Russian  foreign policy.
  • Pre and Post 9/11.

Pre 9/11 1991 :

  • In 1991 USSR collapsed in to 15 states out of which one was Russia the biggest with respect to area.
  • USSR was collapsed because of four reasons.
  1. Military power collapsed.
  2. Economic strength collapsed.
  3. Political clout collapsed.
  4. Social structure collapsed.

                         Due to war in Afghanistan by USSR. The USSR spend all it's economy in war and due to which the economy strength collapsed. They were focusing on war instead of trade and politics. Social structure was collapsed because they did not focused on the social relation with other countries.

  • USSR was collapsed because of these reasons and the result was 15 independent state.
  • After disintegration of USSR, America sent NATO allies to Europe to have a strong surveillance on Russia.
  • NATO was observing every little movement of Russia ; it's social relations, political and on it's military powers.
  • Due to the presence of NATO in Europe Russia changed it's foreign policy.

From 1991 to 9/11 :

  1. Russia became highly internalize .
  2. Highly isolated.
  3. Highly skeptical..
  4. Focused on domestic reforms.
  5. Pre-dominantly based upon non-engagement and non-aggression.

                              Russia became highly internalize and became isolated from the world. No social relations with other countries. Highly skeptical; does not focus on war. Highly focused on domestic reforms, Pre-dominantly focusing on non-engagement and non-aggressive attitude towards world.

  •  Russia was focusing on it's stability.

4-R :

  1. Re-building.
  2. Re-habilitation.
  3. Re-strengthening.
  4. Re-structure.

                              Russia was re-building it's economy, focusing on re-habilitation of it's army. Re-structuring it's social structure and re-structuring it's political clout for the betterment of politics.

Fastest Recovery :

                              Russia was recovering very briskly . Russia was re-building itself very speedily. Regaining the military power and re-building social relations with other countries.

After 9/11 change in foreign policy :

  • After 9/11 Russia got vacuum by America and NATO.
  • Due to this vacuum Russia change it's policy.
  • Paradigm shift in Russian policy.
  • Highly externalize.
  • Highly hawkish ( war like ).
  • Highly external oriented.
  • Highly aggressive.
  • Power oriented (re-entering in global issues).

               Russia became highly externalize and has a war like militant oriented, highly aggressive and power oriented and entering in to global issues to show it's power to the world.

Thucydide Trap :

  • No 1 position is a psychological trap; over commitment of power.
  • No 2 position is a stable position.

2008 to 2014 :

      The era from 2008 to 2014 is known as putinization era, and it is also known as putinization of Russia.

IRRDENTISM :           

               "Historical claims of one state on the territory of another state".

  • In 2008 Russia captured some area of Georgia.
  • Russia attacked Georgia.
  • World does not respond on Georgian crises.

                   In 2014, Russia captured Crimea and make his part because Russia wants direct access to Black Sea and to Atlantic Ocean which is possible only by capturing Crimea and is known as Crimean crises.

Donetsk and Luhansk also became in Russian territory.

               Due to Crimean crises, American President Obama that we will implement diplomatic pressure on Russia as we have already collapsed Russia in 1991 by cold war, and we will collapse Russia again. Russia will withdraw from Crimea. 

               America imposed sanctions ==> Economic sanction and freeze foreign assets. Sanction on Russia's weapon's export (largest exporter). 

  • In retaliation, Russia stop gas supply to Europe. 
  • Russia demands Europe to buy gas in Rubbles instead of dollars.
  •  After 8-10 hours Europe agreed to buy gas in Rubbles.
  • Russia went to Syria and signed weapon agreement.

Observing Crimean Stephen pfeiffer make a commentary on it.

If i put Crimean message in to a slogan "Russia is Back".

  • Russia resurgence on set of cold war 2.0.
  • Rising multi polarity.
  • Russia and China.
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