06 Apr
  • Sensory organ.
  • To hear/ to sense the information.

There are three parts of human ear.

  1. Outer part
  2. Middle part 
  3. Inner part

1.Outer part :

a) Pinna:

  • It is the outer part.
  • It interacts with the sound waves.

b) Outer auditory canal:

  • It provides passage to the sound waves.
  • sound waves enter and travels towards inner part of ear.

c) Ear drum :

  • Sound waves interact with eardrum then eardrum vibrates.

2. Middle part:

  • It consists of three tiny bones known as ossicles.
  • When sound waves reaches these tiny bones they started to vibrate and then passes the sound waves towards the inner part of the ear.

3. Inner Part:

  • It consists of three parts
  1. Semi circular canal.
  2. Vestibule. (it posses receptors in them)
  3. Cochlea. ( hearing part)
  • It converts sound waves into electrical impulses and then transfers to auditory nerves and then transferred to Brain.

Working of the Human Ear:

The sound waves interacts with pinna. Then the sound waves enter's into the ear through auditory canal. Then the sound waves travel towards the ear drum and the ear drum starts vibrating. Then the sound waves hits the ossicles and it also vibrate and then the sound waves travels towards chochlea. Then chochlea converts those sound waves into the electrical impulses then these electrical impulses are picked by the auditory nerves and carries them towards the brain and then brain use to translate those impulses.

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