23 Feb

1. Introduction 

Thesis statement

Political instability and economic instability are inter-related to each other. Political instability affects the economy, and when the economy struggles, it can make political problems worse. However, by adopting some remarkably policies one can solve this issue.

2. Crunch paragraph

3. How political instability impacts the economic instability 

a) lack of civil government

b) lack of tenure of the government

c) poor policy making can lead to economic instability

d) Country wide agitation

e) rigged election 

4. How economic instability effected the political instability

a) lack of funds to run the government

b) circular debt or death trap of IMF

c) money laundering 

d) Corruption in funds leads to political instability

e) wrong investments can also cause political instability

5. Way forward

a) let the government to complete its tenure

b) make policies which are beneficial for both

c) make investments wisely 

d) let the people decide who form the government.

e) check and balance on funds to stop corruption and money laundering.

6. Conclusion

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